How We Built An AI-Based Ab Workout App, Curated By Celebrity Physiotherapist - Jeff Cavaliere


The Brief

  • 6 Pack Promise app is an Ab Workout App crafted by professional sports physical therapist and strength coach - Jeff Cavaliere. It provides a holistic fitness experience to the app users, with Jeff personally guiding them through various ab-crushing exercises via video demonstrations, ensuring precision and effectiveness in every move. This app caters to all fitness levels, from gym beginners to seasoned fitness enthusiasts.
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The Challenge

  • Back then, Jeff ran a successful fitness YouTube channel with millions of subscribers. He envisioned an ab workout app that would provide a cost-effective solution for accessing trainer-led ab workout sessions, catering to his YouTube audience's needs. In addition to offering access to Jeff's workout knowledge and instructions, he wanted the app to include features such as advanced workouts, meal plans, progress tracking, and more. He also aimed to ensure that his workout and exercise content could be accessed offline without compromising the app 's aesthetic UI/UX design.
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The Solution

  • The project was undeniably intriguing yet simultaneously challenging because, during the mid-2010s, no fitness apps were providing personalized Ab Training programs with a reliable offline mode. To address these challenges, we leveraged our profound technical expertise to develop an optimized mobile app solution with the following solutions

App Design

For the creative UI/UX design of the innovative app, the team developed a highly engaging 6PP app user experience design after extensive market trend analysis and consideration of the branding guidelines of the Athlean-X™ brand identity. Through this UI, users could compare and experience real body transformations with personalized training.

Native App Development

Feature-rich app development for both native platforms: Android and iOS, using the latest technology stack of that time - Kotlin, Swift 5.0 (with post-delivery support), and SQLite. The athlete experience features we implemented are maintaining diet plan, instruction-based exercise gestures for the guided training, shuffle the exercise videos, progress tracking, and share workout options.

Quality Assurance

As the user experience was at the center of this app development project, missing out on any app performance loophole couldn’t be afforded anyhow. Hence, our passionate team of native app developers and QA engineers worked in harmony to double-check everything and optimize the app to its finest level.

Dedicated App Support

The synergy between MindInventory and Athlean-X™ extended beyond the delivery of the app; it persisted for the next five years post-delivery for ongoing maintenance support. This collaboration exemplified a mutual understanding that both brands shared throughout the project while keeping up with the fitness industry trends.

The Impact

  • Mr. Jeff Cavaliere’s mission to better fitness brand Athlean-X™ product, the 6 Pack Promise Plus App is currently serving his millions of followers, who are fitness enthusiasts and helping them transform their body mass into a better, attractive, athletic physique - like a pro athlete. The following result shows the escalating progress of the 6 Pack Promise Plus app.

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